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How Pluffe Came To Be

From Messy Meals to Magical Moments

Our mom-owned and operated small business is passionate about creating unique and exceptional children's products.

Eating is indeed an integral part of our children's lives. The food we serve nourishes their bodies, fuels their energy, and fosters their brain development. The essence of dining goes beyond just the food. The environment in which children eat, the experiences they have, and the associations they form with mealtime, play a critical role in their overall growth and development.

Our founder, Lauren, wanted to create an environment that reflected the care and effort that went into preparing each meal - one that made the dining experience positive and enjoyable for both parents and children. She envisioned mealtime as an opportunity for positive reinforcement, connection, and growth, rather than a daunting task of managing messes and cleanups.

And thus, out of this desire for harmony, organization, and magic, Pluffe was born. The brand encapsulates the essence of playful dining and child-friendly functionality. It's designed to turn mealtimes into joyous occasions, encouraging a positive association with food and eating for children.

Bringing meal time a sprinkle of magic, organization, and simplicity.